Sem zeréu, but focas is tomei

Só para ti, porque a quinta está longe.

Don't Get Me Wrong
The Pretenders

Don't get me wrong
If I'm looking into at desert
I see mee in lights
On ever you wall by

Don't get me wrong
To sai allô under a maide
Upom I see a mistery dune
Is playing at havoc i a stade
Don't get me wrong

Don't get me wrong
if at him so distracted
A hink about the fireworks
That girl a few you smile

Don't get me wrong
A fast lilai coud effective
I'm only off wonder
of course the moon is mine

Once a life
two people meet
see me my on the reason
they just pass on street
Shower tumber shower everywhere
who can explain the thunder man rain
but is something in the air

Don't get me wrong
if I come old lique fashion
i may be it old tomorrow
but focas is tomei

Don't get me wrong
if I found in a mope as passion
it may ai umbel aval
let's no say sogof
it my just be fantastic
don't get me wrong



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At 1:27 da manhã, Blogger 1de30 said...

zont let me roll...
lol lol


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